dj anderson (djande) wrote,
dj anderson

Home with a sorta-sick kiddo.

It's a crazy time: the start of 4th quarter at school, a looming bond election, layoffs at the middle and high schools, performances for the play, curriculum review, textbook purchases, planning for next year's drama productions, two kids at home, a house in serious need of cleaning, working on the new MCD album, oh, and a partridge in a pear tree.

  • Yo and stuff

    So I have three kids, a full time 'new' job, the plays, the band and stuff. I guess I had to let something go, so I haven't been posting.…

  • Hey.

    Happy holidays. Whatever that means. Does anyone even check livejournal anymore?

  • Hey.

    Happy New Year, Everyone. To my friends far and near, be well.

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