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Random Thoughts

Reflections from a post-modern midwestern mind

dj anderson
9 June
DJ, (and his psuedonym "Nos Redna") was born in The Midwest. He grew up in the early 70's, and was raised on a steady diet of horror movies, comic books, and 60's Folk/Rock.

Before founding the pioneering alternative folk-rock My Cousin Dallas, Derek held down a large number of interesting jobs, including memorable stints as a DJ, a traveling musician, and gravedigger. His first full-time job was working for a small publishing company called "Adventure Publications," where he edited such modern classics as "Adventures in Stone Artifacts," "The Herbal Kitchen," and "Biking Wisconsin's Rail-Trails." He also worked on several other less-memorable books which he is too embarrassed to mention. Currently, he teaches at Mahtomedi High School.

DJ has a degree in Biblical Studies, and another in Broad Area English. He hosted an award-winning radio show, founded a nationally recognized folk series, recorded three albums, and all sorts of other stuff.

DJ says that he enjoys writing because it's cheaper than therapy. Ironically, he probably didn't make that up himself.